Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Reach Media Partners with Valpak of Rochester for Mobile Video Marketing Solution

Quick Reach Media is please to announce our new strategic partnership with Valpak of Rochester and their related agencies. Adding the QR Code and Mobile Video Solution to the Valpak ad piece now provides their clients with an exciting upgrade. As a natural addition to the Valpak direct mail product, the Mobile Video Solution increases the response rates and gives potential customers an interactive experience. Scanning the QR Code and viewing a professionally produced video commercial spot takes the direct mail ad insert to another level. The scan also essentially "bookmarks" the business Mobile Solution website in the consumer's smart phone or other device. If the smart phone is the new television, then delivering a rich video message with call to action options will be more effective overall than local broadcast television-an option that is not open to most small, local businesses due to budget constraints and other barriers. If you are utilizing direct mail in any format, or are a provider of print and collateral advertising media, we invite you to join our growing family of successful partners and join the mobile marketing REVOLUTION!


Quick Reach Media and subsidiary QR Code Technologies are pleased to announce that the company is now offering affordable, professional video production to SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing firms!

With the growing need to capitalize on the Google/YouTube search engine complex, quality video production has become an important component of the overall SEO process.Most especially for local and hyper-local internet marketing, video content has been proven to increase rankings and Google Places results. The success rates have been astonishing, and when multiple videos are uploaded and tagged properly the results continue to increase dramatically.

The company is also working on a new product aptly named the "High 5 Video Package", which will provide it's clients and resellers with the ability to product five quality brand videos of varying topical content to enhance the user experience and add to the overall presence of the client company in the search rankings. Proposed categories for the various packaged videos are branding, lead generation, product (in depth), testimonials, and attraction marketing (third party business branding message).

For more information about affordable video production be sure to visit us at:

Quick Reach Media Video Production

(Production includes professional voice over, royalty-paid music track and digital post production in HD using the latest software and production techniques)