Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hit by the PENGUIN? Mauled by the PANDA? VSEO with rich video content is your key to continued success and an IMMEDIATE fix for sinking rankings!

Been HIT by the PENGUIN? MAULED by the PANDA? Did Google blow your "GREY" HAT off? Have your BLOG SITES been DE-INDEXED and your BACKLINKS now classified as SPAM? Let's face it gang—the world of SEO, as you knew it, is OVER. The GOOD NEWS is that while your clients' rankings are sinking like the Titanic and your monthly billings are in jeopardy, we've got the ULTIMATE FIX to catch the free fall and do something for your clients that will make you a STAR!

VIDEO SEO (VSEO) is now your key solution to stop the bleeding in the short term, and provide serious optimization for your clients on a go-forward basis. Properly optimized VIDEO CONTENT for your clients produce IMMEDIATE RANKINGS RESULTS! Not to mention the fact that anyone in the optimization space NOT utilizing video content is already losing laps to the field.

VSEO Training is readily available for FREE,  simple to understand and easy to learn. And the BEST NEWS is that you can now access professionally produced, high-quality HD video content production at the industry's LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES—offered exclusively to SEO, SEM and VSEO firms and professionals.

In order to achieve MAXIMUM SEO results you will need to upload and properly optimize FIVE pieces of video content. Our research has proven that this "magic" number increases rankings significantly within 1 to 2 index cycles, and moves the GOOGLE PLACES status to FEATURED within that same time frame! Not to mention the fact that YOU are now the source for the BEST video content for all other deployment strategies for your clients—including EMBEDDED content on their primary websites, QR Code, MOBILE MARKETING deployment and more


We're standing by to help you in any way possible to get you up and running smoothly and quickly…NO VIDEO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!