Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The HIGH COST of Low Quality Video--Important Information That You Should Know!

The High Cost of a Poor Quality Video 

While video continues to be the most dynamic and growing component of internet branding and marketing, some alarming statistics have boiled to the surface. Not that we weren't already aware of the damage a poorly produced video can do. These numbers should give you pause. If you have produced, or are approached to produce poor quality video content using simple "pictures to music" techniques, smartphone and/or tablet "editing apps", or cheap templates and software, we urge you to study and explore a higher level of quality. Just because video content is so prevalent on the internet doesn't mean that it is now a simple commodity, or that you can just run right out and become a professional producer of content.

The "yesterday I couldn't spell video producer, now I are one" approach to success in video production just isn't going to work out.

After all, video is your new business card on the internet, 
and the first impression is the only one that really counts! 

The High Cost of Poor Quality Video

Video content is not the area where you should be looking to dramatically cut costs. Don't risk a poor user experience, or damage to your image or reputation by using cut-rate video production techniques or wanna-be marketers who are suddenly experts in video marketing. 

Seek out established providers with the experience and proven track record that you want for your company and image. 

Some helpful tips for selecting the right Video Marketing Agency

1. Determine how much content, and of what quality, the company has produced. Usually a visit to their YouTube Channel will tell you all you need to know. Pay specific attention to the number of videos, the quality of the production work, and the views and engagement. 

2. Make sure the company can provide you with ACTUAL results from previous or existing campaigns, along with credible search results examples and YouTube Advertising campaigns and real-time examples of solid VSEO results for their clients and where applicable. 

3. Ask for references, and check the company's reviews on Google, Manta and other sources for feedback on their services and outcomes. 

4. Ask for the company's video production credentials. You should be able to tell immediately from their posted content, and client base, whether they are truly video professionals or would-be marketers using substandard sources for low-end production of video content.

Some other important aspects of video marketing and related production:


One of the most misguided activities that we have seen is the propensity for people to create video content of THEMSELVES talking into the camera. In some instances this may work, but as a rule the attention span of your internet video viewer will tire quickly, and sometimes immediately, when presented with this style of video. Even professionals selling themselves and their expertise rarely benefit from publishing a steady diet of this style of video content.


Royalty-paid music tracks are critical to proper video production and can be expensive, relative to small budget productions. This is a hidden cost that needs to be considered anytime you embark on the video trail. Also, the appropriate track can many times be elusive, but the perfect track can really make the video a winner! Over the years we have spent a good deal of post-production time searching for, and landing upon the right track for the produced piece.

Stock images and stock footage can also be an expensive, hidden cost if you're out there buying them one at a time. Real production companies have vast libraries of images and footage that have been shot and accumulated over long periods of time, to help defray the costs associated with lower budget video-especially for clients who are first-timers in translating their branding and marketing messages to video format.
Video production and video marketing are very specific disciplines that require a variety of skills to achieve a lasting and measurable result. Video as a tool for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and as a resource for increased rankings (VSEO) is extremely effective, but poor quality video can seriously backfire!

As with all things in the internet marketing space, any opening or relatively new opportunity spawns a plethora of overnight "experts". Your time would be much better spent leaving your video production and video marketing to the experts and proven service providers, leaving you to successfully run your company by investing your efforts elsewhere.