Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time

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Search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results on Google and Bing by a margin of 94 percent to 6 percent. That’s according to new research from GroupM UK and Nielsen

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 On the organic side, the research also broke down brand vs. non-brand click-through rates, as well as click-throughs by vertical. On the paid side, the research revealed some demographic data about who is most likely to click on PPC results. Finally, it determined whether Google or Bing delivered more successful searches.

On branded searches, the top search result overwhelmingly received the most clicks (which makes sense, considering the search is likely navigational in nature):
  • Result 1: 80 percent
  • Result 2: 6 percent
  • Result 3: 4 percent
  • Remainder: 10 percent