Friday, August 24, 2012

Valpak Advertisers Increase Response With The QR Code Mobile Video Solution!

Valpak of Denver Launches QR Code Mobile Video Solution from Quick Reach Media!

Valpak of Denver sales management has implemented the QR Code Mobile Video Solution with selected clients and have already achieved excellent results. The Mobile Solution enables Valpak advertisers to add a unique, trackable QR code to their print ads. When scanned with a smart device, the consumer is taken directly to a mobile application that includes a professionally produced, embedded video commercial, along with 10 'calls to action' including tap-to-call, Social Media selections, direct link to online deals on, and a variety of other options including SMS text opt-in.  

The low cost, powerful Mobile Video Solution is sold as an add-on feature. Presented as the top enhancement option for the print ads in the "blue envelope", customer engagement is already up measurably for the clients utilizing the Solution. The entire price of the package (including video production) is nominal compared to the monthly investment in the print ad deployment. Here are some examples of successfully deployed campaigns:

Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant   Denver, Colorado

Eagle Automotive   Littleton, Colorado

MAACO Collision Repair   Littleton, Colorado

America's Best Carpet Cleaning    Englewood, Colorado

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