Monday, June 17, 2013

Internet Video Advertising Proven MORE EFFECTIVE than Television Broadcast!

The numbers are finally in! And WOW are they impressive. Everyone knows that internet video advertising is the most explosive tool being used by businesses both large and local. But the behavioral shift taking place in the way consumers access media and content have truly pushed us through any barriers that might have existed previously for engagement. 

Full-episode players are the immediate winners, with movies and series content being streamed in such large amounts. But as YouTube has jumped to the 2nd position for total searches, the opportunities for video advertising have increased exponentially as well.

The newest version of YouTube advertising (known as TruView®) is highly effective when deployed with creative video content and the appropriate lead-capture landing pages and websites to create maximum interest and action by internet users. Previously, this form of advertising was used primarily by large national companies (insurance, fast food, other major brands) but is now very effective for local and regional businesses who are interested in generating leads and online purchases with the lowest possible lead cost or cost-per-click.

Explore the possibilities and what this exciting media channel can do for your business or client at Also, take a moment to see a number of successful TruView® YouTube Advertising campaigns!