Saturday, November 30, 2013

The TWO MOST IMPORTANT elements when (not if) you are ready to deploy Video Marketing

It's very interesting how every time there is a new technique or portal for marketing on the internet, so-called service companies seem to pop up everywhere. And they all seem to tout the same generic, results-oriented rhetoric and sales pitch.

Except for one very important component--they have few or no clients, very little experience or actual footprint, and in many cases actually have no idea what they're doing in comparison to the established companies that had been in that space all along.

Video Marketing has befallen just such a malaise. On the heels of the legion of "Social Media Marketing Experts" who have infested the digital landscape, there now seems to be no end to the entities that are promoting "video marketing", and in many cases have no idea that video marketing involves much more than producing cheap, uninteresting and unprofessional video content and posting that content in various places around the internet. 

The litmus test for true video marketing companies or a  video marketing agency is easily determined when you are in research mode, and attempting to find the company best suited to your needs and budget. The 2 critical elements that separate the established, successful companies from the pretenders are actually much more evident and easy to identify in the video marketing space:


Since the core component of video marketing is the actual video content itself, it is quite easy to determine with whom you are dealing. Any viable video marketing company will have it's aggregate of produced video content uploaded, optimized and readily accessible. So it only stands to reason that when you visit the website, YouTube channel, or other video hosting resource of a "video marketing" company, their history and track record are there for you to inspect. Many so-called "video marketing" companies, you will find, have very few actual videos with very little in the way of views or engagement. You also want to examine the quality of the video production work. So when you find such a company, and despite their claims of expertise and success, yet their YouTube channel has a handful of videos with very little views and engagement, you would have to ask the obvious question: "How can you be a successful video marketing company when you have no established content to see as examples of your purported success?". You must see an extensive library of client videos, YouTube campaign videos, and other optimized video content or you are wasting your time with such an entity. 


The primary components of successful video marketing include properly managed video advertising (such as YouTube TruView® Advertising) or other PPV (pay per view) service provider, video syndication and video distribution across many channels, and specific placement of video content in other advertising channels including social media. Ultimately, all of this results in higher rankings for the client's primary website as well as the videos themselves ranking very high (1st page) as independent organic results on their own. You only need to ask the company to give (or show) you a few examples of the high rankings that they have established for their clients, as well as testimonial or referral information from one or more existing clients, to determine immediately whether or not you are dealing with a competent, successful company that has a provable track record.

You will find, after performing even a modest amount of research, that there are many pretenders out there in the video marketing space, but not many with established, proven track records that you can request and study.