Thursday, September 25, 2014

Auto and Truck Accident Attorney Plant City FL Tampa FL http://www.Gregg... Personal Injury | Auto Accident | Truck Accident Attorney for Injury Claims | Workplace Injuries Wrongful Death | Slip and Fall Accidents Medical Malpractice Drunk Driving Injuries In most personal injury and wrongful death cases, the opposition is enormous. The large insurance companies and big businesses have incredible resources to muster against any claim, with the goal of NOT paying out anything that they are not ordered by the Courts to do so. They are not focused on doing the right thing, but representing only their own interests against claimants who rarely have the will, or the expertise, to fight them for a proper and just outcome. Injuries can occur in a wide range of situations and environments. The leading causes of accident and injury are: Motor Vehicle Collisions and Accident Trucking Accidents Workplace or labor related injuries Building liabilities and “slip and fall” accidents Surgical errors and medical malpractice Product liability and defective product litigation Elderly care and child abuse Now you can turn to a seasoned attorney, Gregg S. Kamp, to represent your claim and explain everything that you need to know about the laws governing your case. Gregg has 2 decades of trial law experience and knows his way around, and through, the system that is designed to stop you in your tracks when pursuing your legitimate claim for damages…or worse. Whenever an accident or injury occurs, the hospital and doctor related expenses are only the beginning. Gregg understands the additional and devastating consequences brought on by injuries and will work diligently and professionally to recover the compensation that YOU deserve related to: Medical/Hosptial/Physician costs Loss of Income Decrease in your Capability to Work Pain and Suffering Mental and Emotional Suffering Long-term rehabilitation and treatment costs Funeral and other wrongful death related costs Loss of quality of your life