Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best Identity Theft Protection Against RFID Electronic Pickpockets http:...

Protection Against Electronic Pickpockets and RFID Scan Theft and Fraud

Introducing the Stealth Card—the most effective, proven protection against illegal scan theft of your chipped credit card and ID information available on the market!

The Stealth Card is Made in the USA, and is laboratory tested to protect your credit cards and identification from dangerous RFID scan theft being used by electronic pickpocket thieves worldwide.

*When an RFID or Radio Frequency ID scan wave is present, the Stealth Card intercepts and redirects the scan back toward its source, creating a halo of protection around your chipped cards and sensitive identification information. 

A single Stealth Card placed in your wallet or purse can protect up to 12 credit and ID cards from illegal scan theft, giving you peace of mind whenever you are traveling, shopping or just out in public at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

Isn't it time to protect yourself from this dangerous new crime wave?

Over 9 million people have been compromised in this manner, and more are reported every day.

Identity Theft protection programs are effective, but only notify you AFTER your information or identity has been breached.

Take the first step toward total security—order your Stealth Card today!